College Square Student Apartments

The Ocala Campus has CF-affiliated housing nearby

College Square apartments are conveniently located adjacent to the College of Central Florida Ocala Campus at S.W. 20th Street and S.W. 31st Avenue. 

Community Amenities

One of the primary advantages of our community spaces is their ability to help create a connection among residents. By providing designated areas for social interaction and engagement, these spaces encourage the formation of strong relationships and a supportive network.

  • Adjacent to CF Ocala Campus
  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Bedroom with full size bed, dresser, nightstand, desk with chair, closet, telephone and cable hook-ups
  • Fully furnished common areas:
    • Dining area with dining table and four chairs
    • Kitchen with range, microwave, refrigerator with ice maker, dishwasher
    • Living room with two sofas, two end tables and a coffee table

Safety Features

At our community, we believe that real apartment security lies in the diligent execution of small yet impactful measures. By focusing on the little details, we create a safe and secure environment that residents can truly appreciate.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts offer enhanced security because they require engagement when the door is shut.

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is an essential safety device that plays a crucial role in safeguarding lives and property.

Separate Bedroom Keys

We know privacy is "key" and that is why the bedrooms have a seperate lock and key.

Entry Door Security Viewfinder

Or a peep hole is a good way to see who is on the other side of your front door before you open it

Monitored Fire Alarms

A control panel that detects fire and transmits signals to a monitoring station. The station notifies the fire department when they receive the signal.

Well-Lighted Grounds

You can feel confident and secure when coming home in the dark knowing there is a lot of light to help you see what is around you.

About Us

College Square apartments are conveniently located adjacent to the College of Central Florida Ocala Campus at S.W. 20th Street and S.W. 31st Avenue. Students can easily walk to classes and college facilities. Each spacious, fully furnished apartment provides four students with a private bedroom and a shared bathroom, living area, kitchen and dining area.

College Square combines the best features of apartment living with adjacent campus convenience and economy, providing a “home away from home” atmosphere.


Completed forms can be emailed to, faxed to 352-237-8868 or mailed to College Square Apts. 1994 SW 31st Ave. Ocala, Fl 34474. Rent reduction forms are accepted until the end of the C-term drop period for the spring and fall.

Important Dates

  • April 15th – Deadline for international student moving in for summer semester
  • July 4th – Office closed
  • July 15th – Deadline for international and paid sport students dedicated rooms
  • New Years Day – Office closed
  • Memorial Day – Office closed
  • Labor Day – Office closed
  • Thanksgiving – Office closed
  • Friday after Thanksgiving – Office closed
  • Christmas Eve* Closed unless date falls on a Thursday, in which case the office is closed the day after Christmas.
  • Christmas – Office closed


Each apartment has four spacious bedrooms with a study area; two bathrooms, a kitchen with dining area and a living room.

Roommates are selected from the resident survey that is included with your application packet. However, if you have a preference for a specific roommate, you may request that person. We cannot always accommodate everyone’s preference, but we try.

Very close! There is a bus stop on the corner of the street in front of the apartment building and another bus stop on the CF Ocala Campus.

There are no meal plans that students can purchase. Students generally cook at their apartment or eat out at one of the many restaurants in the area. CF also has a Patriot Café where students are able to purchase breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday.

It depends on the type of lease you sign.

  • 12-month lease, rent is $480* USD per month.
  • 10-month lease, rent is $500* USD per month.
  • Month to month lease, rent is $530* USD per month.

* Rates are subject to change.

It depends on the type of lease you sign.

  • 12-month lease requires a deposit of $480* USD.
  • 10-month lease requires a deposit of $500* USD.
  • Month to month lease requires a deposit of $530* USD.

* Rates are subject to change.

Yes, there is a $25 USD application fee, the first month’s rent and a nonrefundable key deposit of $35 USD.

After you have paid the application fee of $25, you MUST pay before moving into your apartment the first month’s rent, key deposit and the apartment deposit:

  • For a 12-month lease the total amount you would pay when you move in is $995 USD.
  • For a 10-month lease the total amount you would pay when you move in is $1,035 USD.
  • For a month to month lease the total amount you would pay when you move in is $1,095 USD.

* Rates are subject to change.

Money order or cashier’s check made out to College Square Apartments. College Square does not accept cash. You can also pay with credit card or E-check through our company portal.

Rent is due on the first day of the month. Once you move in you can then pay by personal check, money order, cashier’s check or on our company portal, which we will send you a link after you move in.

Water, sewer, electric service, trash service and pest control. Cable and internet are the responsibility of each tenant if they choose to have services installed.

Student must arrive before 5 p.m. Monday-Friday in order to move in day of arrival.

College Square is also closed on major holidays. Please see our Important Dates calendar below for days that we are closed due to holidays. If the student arrives after this time or on a Saturday/Sunday, the student must either contact College Square to complete the ‘late check-in” requirements OR stay at a local hotel at their own expense until the office opens.

For those interested in the late check-in requirements, please contact College Square directly at